Title: Dreaming
Part: 1/1
Author: WhiteCat / Terra
E-mail: whitecat@hanashika.com
Website: WhiteCat / Terra's Blog, WhiteCat / Terra's Ficblog
Rating: G
Character/Pairing: Winry
Disclaimer: Don't own them.
Summary: She has a dream she has told no one else.
Warnings: None.

She has a dream she has told no one else. It's the spark which warms her in winter, after she's shoved the snoring dog off her bed.

She dreams she will be outside one day, and see them walking down the path towards her. However, they will not be as she knows them, but as she remembers, happy and whole. Ed will beam with well-deserved pride, finally at ease, and Al will smile shyly at her--the one she keeps in her memories, which not even his brother has seen.

"We're home," Al will say, when they stop before her. Ed will tilt his head back, and when his eyes meet hers, they will be warmer than they have ever been.

And she will smile, with her hands on her hips. Maybe she will feel like crying, but that will come later. "Welcome back," she'll say, and then lead them inside.

This is the dream she has, which she has shared with no one. Some days, she wakes up and is surprised that they are not there; all she has are a handful of letters, which promise that someday, they will regain everything.

Ed, she thinks, is convincing that way.